About Labucon

Labucon Resources (Pty) Ltd is the highly successful outcome of an empowerment programme implemented by Rudolph and Paul Labuschagne from Labuschagne Konstruksie en Vervoer (LKV). Rather than seeking a few prominent names as shareholders of the new company, LKV opted for an internal merit-based approach.

Labucon Resources (Pty) Ltd was established and registered in 2003 as a BEE Civil Engineering Company where 100% of the shares belonged to historically disadvantaged individuals with regards to race, gender and disability. The current directors are Solomon Mthimunye and Paul Labuschagne.

The three most important ingredients for Labucon's achievements are:

- Proper hands-on management,

- A competent and motivated work-force and

- Sufficient serviceable and reliable equipment.

Mission of Labucon

To be, in a changing South Africa, the most successful, credible, sustainable and people orientated civil construction company in the Gauteng region in

Vision of Labucon

Through a competent workforce

The constant application of new technology with regards to all aspects of business development ensures Labucon's competitive edge in the civil engineering field.

The latest addition to Labucon's plant is the high frequency vibrating Ripper attached to a 36 ton Excavator for breaking into weathered and craggy rock like blue shale etc.

Relevant Documentation For Labucon Can Be Provided On Request